Wooden Mail Boxes : An Ideal Solution for Letters

Wooden mail box is the house for all letters and news papers and is an important house or front yard garden accessory. Wooden postal mail boxes serve both commercial and residential purpose. Wooden main boxes add an appeal to home or office. Wooden mail boxes are functional and a necessity to every home or office. […]

Everyone Loves Children’s Wooden Toys

For many years children have enjoyed playing with wooden toys. Long before video games, and other modern toys, that rely on batteries and cords that plug into the wall were invented, the old-fashioned, traditional wooden toys have amused and entertained children of all ages. Even though wooden toys were first invented in the early 19th […]

Cute Wooden Handicraft: How to Make a String of Hearts

Everyone loves heart-shaped decorations. This cute wooden handicraft can be hung over a doorway or as part of a wall display. Paint the hearts red, pink, and white, and you will have a decoration for Valentines’ Day. Paint them red and green for Christmas, or red, white, and blue to display love for America. You […]

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